Hello Crafters!

I’m so excited to have launched my new website and to be expanding my passion into arts and crafts!

It was a little over 10 years ago that I founded Ten Four Goods inside of a beautiful my brick and mortar (it was actually brick and mortar!) shop in downtown Lincoln, CA. Inside that shop I created handmade canvas bags with original artwork silkscreened onto the bags. Before I knew it I was being featured on the local morning television shows in Sacramento, auditioning for Shark Tank, and had my bags included in the Presenter Gift Packages at the Academy Awards.

At the time I was also donating my creative space to a variety of local non-profit organizations to use as a meeting space. This led me to meet some wonderful people and to continue to implement new ideas that would evolve my shop and business.

Fast forward right through COVID-19 and getting two children through high school and into their young adult lives, and I now find myself in the beautiful and charming city of Paso Robles, along the central coast of California. While my location has changed, my passion for creativity has only grown stronger. In 2022 I began up cycling denim jeans and turning them into purses, cross-body bags, and beach bags. I have had an incredibly fun time in my booth at a variety of local farmers markets in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and many others.

The latest iteration of my business is launching into the world of teaching workshops to create a number of different arts and crafts. This is a natural extension of my full-time career as a manager and trainer working with thousands of retailers in California. I absolutely love working and talking with people, and helping them learn a new skill. My Make & Take Arts and Crafts Workshops are being offered at a number of local wineries, breweries, restaurants, and events. Check out my Make and Take page for details about our upcoming workshops.

I hope to see you our there. Let’s get crafty!!