When an event goes from 3 hours to 5+ hours…

I was scheduled to be at the fabulous Bianchi Winery in Paso Robles for Make & Take Wine Cork arts and crafts from 1pm to 4pm on a Saturday in July. It was a 3 hour gig that I’d been looking forward to and prepping for weeks in advance. So why did I end up staying until 6:30pm…two and a half hours longer than scheduled for this free event?

In a single word: People

I was having so much fun with everyone who came up to my table to create their crafts. By design, these were very simple creations…the kind you can make in 5 minutes. And at times, this craft could appear to be more geared to children (other than the wine cork part) than adults. But every person that engaged found themselves having so much fun that they would ask if they could make another (of course you can!).

One nearly universal common phrase among the people there that afternoon was, “I’m not really very crafty”, And 5-10 minutes later they found themselves enthralled with the creative process. Perhaps they were remembering a time in elementary school when they were making art to take home to their parents, or maybe going to Grandma’s house to find that she’d gotten out some beads and some string to make friendship bracelets.

And so, my craft gig went from 3 hours to almost 6 because new people kept walking through the doors at Bianchi to taste the great wines and sample the delicious food menu, and ended up wandering over to see what these wine corks were all about. I love talking with people and hearing their story of what brought them to the Central Coast and then watching them make something that they can take home with them. Before I knew it, the band was wrapping up, tables were being cleared, the sun outside was in a much different place than when I had arrived, and I realized that the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun” was definitely true for me that day.

Thank you to Joe and the amazing staff at Bianchi. I’m looking forward to coming back in October and December for more fun crafts!