About Ten Four Goods

Ten Four Goods President, Tanja Poley

The Ten Four Goods Story

Our founder and hardworking single mom, Tanja Poley, has wanted to own her own business for as long as she can remember. After a tough financial year with job cut backs, Tanja put it to a family vote on how to spend their tax return money.  Tanja and her two adopted children agreed unanimously to put the money toward their future and on April 1, 2013, their family business, Ten Four Goods, was launched. 

Looking around her house for ways to make extra income, Tanja realized, “I have it bad for bags!”  At that same time her daughter, Grace, was getting a lot of requests from her middle school classmates for her art work.  Just like that the two ideas became one and Tanja said, “Let’s put your art on bags and see if we can sell them.”  Tanja’s talented mother, Evelyn, and fabulously gifted sister, Chez, joined the business in creating unique artistic canvas bags.  Noah, Tanja’s son, adds his attention to detail skills as the company’s Expeditor of Expectations.

The success of the first few bags has grown tremendously in a short period of time.  In 2015, Ten Four Goods canvas bags were selected to be a gift to Academy Awards nominees and presenters. Later that same year the company moved into its own creative production studio allowing the company to support more artists and put its mission into action by hosting community connections through creativity.  Tanja likes to say, "We make ideas happen here."

The Ten Four Goods product line has expanded beyond those first canvas totes to include funky dishtowels, aprons and tees for ladies and little ones.  Many Ten Four Goods products are individually signed and numbered making them true original art.  In 2016, the studio began offering makers space to foster more creativity in our community (see the calendar for upcoming events) or contact us if you are interested in hosting your own event.  Ten Four Goods now assists artist in a wide range of services designed to help them grow their creative business and revenue streams which allows for more creativity.

Why Ten Four Goods?

Many have asked, “Where did the name Ten Four Goods come from?”  Well, the phrase “ten four” or “ten four good buddy” is used by truck drivers and many others as an affirmative way of saying, “yes, I got it”.  Our family business of artists is affirming that we are on the right path and we got this!   -ten four

A Note From Tanja

Hi I’m Tanja, the Founder and President of Ten Four Goods.  I believe every business can succeed and most take a team of talented individuals to help it soar. My grandfather always said it takes desire, dedication and discipline to make your dreams come true.  This certainly has been true in my life. 

I obtained my MBA because making businesses successful is my version of composing a beautiful symphony.  I decided to focus my business knowledge on the people (the musicians if you will) who make every organization truly succeed.  Most of my career has been spent in human resources management in a wide variety of industries including media, high-tech, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality and non-profit. No matter the industry I have always excelled at helping the people make the most of their knowledge, skills and abilities to find a career path that supported their passions.  

Throughout the years I have started several different businesses with varying degrees of lessons learned.  Today I lead Ten Four Goods efforts to make ideas happen by supporting artists in launching and growing their creative business. I am also a business consultant for the Sacramento Region Small Business Development Center and teach an adult class on entrepreneurship at our local community college.

It has taken me several decades of life experiences to realize that the business ambitions I have are special and must be used for good in this world. Every morning I wake up with the intention to make this world a little better than it was the day before. Thank you for stopping by our website and I welcome the opportunity to get to know you better.  If you are interested in working together, creating additional revenue streams for your business, gaining support for your creative endeavors or just want to talk about how much you love your pets (I'm crazy for mine!), please reach out and send me an email.  Carpe diem!